Two years ago, in a field next to a farm-to-market road near my home, in an area of the field conveniently located near a road, there were two ruts where a tractor turned at the end of a row.  In these ruts, rainwater collected, and then froze.  Ice sheets formed in the ruts, but the water beneath the ice sheets was absorbed into the ground leaving an unsupported fragile pane of ice.  On special days, with just the right light conditions, no snow and warming temperatures, then ice in the ruts began to melt and drips to form on the underside of the sheets of ice. Minerals that were constituent within the soil went into solution and dripped into these wonderful half-dome forms.  In the whole first winter season, I was able to make just one image, when the conditions were perfect. I go back each winter.  I got nothing last year, but this year luck favored me.

Photo-Eye – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gallery 19 - Essex, Connecticut

Pricing - Edition of ten and two artist proofs
16 by 16 inches $600
20 by 20 inches $800
36 by 36 inches $2000

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