Paper Work Series I

Over time, I have come to see that what moti-
vates me is the result of my having redirected
how I make images, turning from the externally directed position of witness to that of author.  In so doing, I accept the entire authorship of the creative process from my creation of the paper sculpture to making of the fine art print.

Paper Work, my current three-year project is comprised of twenty-six images. In my studio, I shaped two-dimensional art papers giving them edges and volumes, then lit them dramatically utilizing Fresnel lighting to emphasize their three-dimensional forms. Though ephemeral,
my forms are preserved photographically.

Francis Bruguière (1879 – 1945)
Juroslav Rössler (1902 – 1990)
Abelardo Morell (1948 -)

Photo-Eye – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gallery 19 - Essex, Connecticut

Pricing - Edition of ten and two artist proofs
16 by 16 inches $600
20 by 20 inches $800
36 by 36 inches $2000

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