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Museum Quality Giclées

New Light Images utilizes the same Sinar Bron computer controlled lighting and digital capture technology used by major museums to create the highest quality reproduction for artists, that we are calling Museum Quality Giclées.

Extensive independent research conducted by fine art reproduction departments of our county's major museums, including The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard, The National Gallery, in Washington and the New York Museum of Fine Arts, led them to select digital reproduction technology from a Swiss company, Sinar Bron. Unlike previous scanning technology that requires artwork to be exposed to long exposures of hot lights to create images, museum reproduction experts wisely light their museum masterpieces with safe, short bursts of computer controlled light, which provide our customers with unsurpassed color fidelity and consistency.

In addition to the safety that computer controlled lighting provides, the quality of digital files that are the basis for Museum Quality Giclées is unsurpassed, because they are the first generation digital file. Museum Quality Giclées are superior to reproduction made by scanning transparencies that must pass through three generations before becoming a usable digital file. Museum Quality Giclées are unaltered from the first generation capture, thus ensuring the highest quality to our artist customers.

Large Paintings Beginning April 2008, our customers with paintings as large as 4 feet by 6 feet, will be able to have Museum Quality digital files made of their paintings. To accommodate these special customers needs, our camera room has been updated with new equipment including a new easel that will allow us to accommodate very large paintings. Please call to learn how affordably we can make giclées of your large paintings.

Our $200 fee for paintings up to 24 inches by 32 inches will now include a copy of the file on a disc. As before, artists will be able to soft proof, and to inspect the digital file's color, based upon our highly calibrated color workflow, or for a small additional fee, proofs can be made. These digital files will then be used to make wonderful Museum Quality giclées on artist's canvas or watercolor paper. Additionally, these files can be resized for other purposes, such as making 35 mm slides, sending pictures by email and placing images on web sites.

Should artist wish to adjust the color, or make changes to the file, for example, to remove distracting loose brush hairs, this can be done at this time. Post production work is charged by the quarter-hour at $30.

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